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Founders of Rustavi 2 demand a response from the Chief Prosecutor

Despite the expiration of the response term that legally is defined as maximum 14 days,  the Prosecutor’s Office did not react to the inquiry of Jarji Akimidze and David Dvali.  The official inquiry of the founders of Rustavi 2 was originally filed on April 6,  2017. As the lawyer of Akimidze and Dvali declares, not receiving any response  from the Prosecutor’s Office within the legally established term is an unprecedented fact. Founders of Rustavi 2 filed a follow-up inquiry to the Prosecutor’s Office  on April 29. Akimidze and Dvali demand an official response from the Chief Prosecutor, Irakli Shotadze:  “We are...

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Total Amnesia

It is a real pity that the president of the country (we mean Georgia) cannot recall what were the events around Rustavi 2 in 2004.  A complete blackout.  It happens. Well, never mind, because the Head of the Parliament remembers very well how the “National Movement” government violently got control over Rustavi 2. So what that he accidentally confused the identities of the victims and unintentionally attributed events of 2006 to 2004?  A minor detail.   At least, he got the big picture right:  The government took Rustavi 2 away from someone, circa in 2004-2006. What are we dealing with?...

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Founders of Rustavi 2 file an official inquiry to Prosecutor’s Office

The founders of Rustavi 2 demand official confirmation of the their status of victims. Jarji Akimidze and David Dvali filed an official request to Prosecutor’s Office. The founders of Rustavi 2 demand  an official clarification of  the reasons for the  suspension of investigation  in rustavi 2 case. To the head of the investigation unit of theprosecution office of Georgia Teimuraz Nachkebiaand Head of the Criminal Prosecution ofLegalization of Illegal Income Division:Aleksandre Mukasashvilistatement fromCitizens: David Dvali and Jarji Akimidze   Statement Mr. Teimuraz, Mr. Aleksandre In November 2012 we filed an appeal to the prosecutor’s office of Georgia. The facts...

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