Founders of Rustavi 2 file an official inquiry to Prosecutor’s Office

Founders of Rustavi 2  file an official inquiry to Prosecutor’s Office

The founders of Rustavi 2 demand official confirmation of the their status of victims.

Jarji Akimidze and David Dvali filed an official request to Prosecutor’s Office. The founders of Rustavi 2 demand  an official clarification of  the reasons for the  suspension of investigation  in rustavi 2 case.

To the head of the investigation unit of the
prosecution office of Georgia Teimuraz Nachkebia
and Head of the Criminal Prosecution of
Legalization of Illegal Income Division:
Aleksandre Mukasashvili
statement from
Citizens: David Dvali and Jarji Akimidze



Mr. Teimuraz,
Mr. Aleksandre

In November 2012 we filed an appeal to the prosecutor’s office of Georgia. The facts described in the complaint made it evident that in June 2004, we have been deprived 60 percent share of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 by means of coercion, extortion and exceeding official powers committed by then high officials of the Government of Georgia.

By the end of 2012 an investigation was initiated regarding the criminal offenses described in the complaint. Dozens of witnesses had been interviewed and evidences had been gathered from various authorities.  The investigation was about to be brought to its end, when unexpectedly the first investigator got replaced in the process, and shortly, the second one as well. As a result, the investigation has been actually suspended due to some unknown reason.

In 2015, we were summoned to the prosecutor’s office, where we were introduced a resolution that recognized us as victims. Despite this fact, we have not received the official resolution up to date.

We would like to request to provide us with the resolution of our recognition as victims; Also, we would like to request an update in writing about the progress made in investigation of the crimes committed against us.

If necessary, we are ready to meet and discuss the issue in person.

 Kind regards,

David Dvali,

Jarji Akimidze



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